Independence day

In this Covid-19 time, everyone avoids going out of Home. Every festival or any special occasion becomes boring at home because no one from the outside can join. The Man becomes antisocial as he spends all his time scrolling Instagram or watching Netflix.

As we all know, Independence Day is Coming, but as we have to stay at home, here are some interesting events that can connect you with your relatives or friends.

Make Social Groups on Facebook

You can make Facebook groups where you can interact with your friends and can post some interesting information related to independence day.

Organize Online Events on your Websites

Online events on your website can be organized as those can increase your website traffic. and also helps you to show your Web Designing skills.

Photo/Video Contest

Patriotic video or Photography contests can be organized.

Poem or song (Patriotic)

Try to write or sing some patriotic songs that will boost yourself and your inner skills will be shown to the world.

Decorate your apartment

There are various decorations associated with Independence Day which you’ll buy from the market or also easily make the reception. Use them to embellish your door, balcony, windows, and house interiors. These items may include small paper flags, ribbons in the national colors.

See the Independence Day telecast from New Delhi

Indian Independence Day celebration in our capital is telecast live throughout the country. Our Honourable Prime Minister does the flag hoisting followed by military demonstration and cultural parade.

Watch patriotic movies

There are many patriotic songs that have inspired us over time, some of which were a part of the Indian Independence Movement, and some of which are Bollywood and other regional movie songs. Create a playlist of such songs and play them in your apartment.

Get in your chef mode and check out tri-colored dishes

Bake a tri-colored cake or try tri-colored dishes such as Pasta, biryani, salad, momos, macaroni with red and green bell peppers, or a fruit bowl with fruits of all three colors.

So these are some ideas you can use to celebrate Independence day at home. These fun activities will help you to groom yourself and let your inner model shine.

Have a Brilliant Independence Day

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