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Top 6 Best Digital Marketing Trends to Boosts Conversion in 2022

The e-commerce industry continues to evolve and there is a huge transformation as the customer demand changes. With the rise in advanced strategies, technologies, and tools it becomes difficult to stay competitive in the market. 

Moreover, for businesses, it becomes challenging to meet customer demands. Running an e-commerce business is simply like driving a shift sports car on a winding hill. So it becomes vital to adapt the sales strategies and maintain momentum. It is only possible with efficient digital marketing strategies. 

The conventional marketing trends are no longer in trend and therefore hiring the best IT company for digital marketing is crucial. Here is a blog that covers comprehensive details and guides you about the latest digital marketing trends of 2022.

Impact of Marketing on the sales

The pandemic has taught us the importance of online sales and marketers are forced to adapt to the digital marketing trends. Influencer marketing, social media, virtual reality, AI are a few latest trends. Following the latest trends helps boost the traffic, increase conversion rate, retain customers, and ultimately the ROI. The image here depicts the increase of e-commerce businesses. 

Latest Digital Marketing trends of 2022

Leveraging the trends that are future-proof for your e-commerce business works better. Let us dig deeper and find out these trends now. 

01. Influencer Marketing works better than celebrity Endorsements

influencer marketing

Shoppers are more influenced and convinced by peer recommendations, rather than celebrities. Celebrities lack the aptitude of convincing customers to use and buy the products, however, influencers have sufficient knowledge that helps deliver the brand message to the customers and boost sales. As per a survey from professional marketers, the average ROI was 6.5 times higher with these types of strategies.

02. Native Video and Text Ads

native video and text ads

Sponsored ads are one of the most successful ways that help convert visitors into potential buyers. Whether it is displaying native ads, videos or running these campaigns. Native ads have proved themselves as content instead of explicit ads. It shows up the direct and sponsored content, which successfully leads to conversions.

03. Social Shopping

social shopping

Social media is one of the most powerful tools and it is no longer only used for social harmony. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are widely used by brands and sellers to boost their sales. Integrating automation into social media and reverting customers instantly is now attracting more visitors.

04. Retargeting Ads

retargeting ads

Unlike traditional ads, retargeting ads refer to a form of online targeting where you target the users who have already visited your website and leave it without any action. This is one of the robust marketing tools that help companies reach 98% of the users who leave their websites!

It is cookie bases technology and uses JavaScript code that helps companies reach their preferred audiences.

05. Personalization


Personalization is another modern trend that offers a personal approach to the users. More of the companies have begun to invest in these trends to enrich their conversion. Sending e-mails mails is one way to personalize and thanks,  numerous customizable newsletter and discounts coupon services also offers them personalization. Businesses need to truly focus on these strategies to boost their customer retention.

06. Use Surveys to get Customer Data


Surveys are another yet crucial factor that has an enormous impact on your business. The strategy engages the customers in the best possible ways and bridges the gap. Interacting with customers helps you know about their preferences that can help shape your products, solutions, and buying experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the talks of every IT industry. They are simultaneously used by businesses and are affordable. Using the AI tools helps in a recommendation to the customer, makes the process of communication efficient and streamlined, collects all the customer data, tracks the customer behavior for the right recommendations, and provides personalized answers to all their queries.

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